Thank you for visiting the Schaumburg Professional Firefighters Association website. Home of IAFF LOCAL 4092.  Our goal is and will remain to provide the best possible care for our Residents, Business Owners, and Visitors that grace the borders of our Village.

Since 1966 The Schaumburg Fire Department has had a long standing tradition that dates back into the early days of Chicago Firefighting. The founding Chiefs were pioneers that passed their knowledge onto the Department. We pride ourselves still on being the very best we can be, and continue to set the standards in today's dangerous and always changing conditions.

We the Members at IAFF Local 4092 thank you.

Presidents Message

Welcome to the Schaumburg Professional Firefighters Association, IAFF Local 4092. IAFF Local 4092 firefighters are proud members of the International Association of Firefighters. IAFF Local 4092 is a union organization that partners with our fire department to ensure that proper fire, ems, and disaster response capabilities exist. We are a progressive, dedicated and efficient local with a rich history and an ambitious future.

This union protects the rights of its members through effective relationships with management and a proactive approach towards politics. Local 4092 holds a firm philosophy that embraces the past as a foundation, but demands positive change in the future. The job of a public servant is one that never ends; the skills, sense of duty, and pride are with us day-in and day-out. This profession is unique, and on many occasions leaves me in awe after seeing examples of the brotherhood that exists between firefighters.

It is my honor to represent the 110+ firefighters that have chosen to serve the citizens of Schaumburg. I have a strong focus on building Local 4092 into a body that is influential and effective both in the local community and the city government in regards to public safety issues.

IAFF Local 4092 Executive Board


PRESIDENT:  FF/PM Lance Lovato






DIRECTOR:  FF/PM Aron Glover

DIRECTOR:  FF/PM Travis McKelvie

DIRECTOR:  FF/PM James Schlesser

You can reach our local via email at:

iaff4092 @

Station Locations

Station 51

Engine 51 / Ambulance 51

950 W. Schaumburg Rd.

Schaumburg, IL 

Station 52

Engine 52 / Truck 52 / Ambulance 52

1024 N. Meacham Rd.

Schaumburg, IL

Station 53

Engine 53 / Truck 53 / Ambulance 53

1351 S. Wright Blvd.

Schaumburg, IL

Station 54

Engine 54 / Ambulance 54

1601 N. Roselle Rd.

Scahumburg, IL

Station 55

Battalion 5 / Squad 55 / Squad 55A

716 S. Plum Grove Rd.

Schaumburg, IL


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P.O.BOX 68342 Schaumburg, IL 60168-0324